Down on the South Shore: Photoshop

Yesterday I went to the beach on the most glorious day we’ve had so far on Long Island! There was a high of 85 degrees, partly cloudy and less-than-freezing South Shore waves. In tow were just a few of my best friends from college as we spent a day bronzing- and burning, but we won’t discuss that- our skin, frolicking in the water and napping to sounds of obnoxious Long Ilanders… I mean… crashing waves on the beach!
The first time on a South Shore beach was a momentous occasion and called for photos, so I brought my DSLR and just snapped a few photos… someone has to make the scrapbook when we’re old, right?

It was so crowded today, there were not many opportunities for “candid” photos, god forbid anyone enjoy posing for a picture or two ;), but I did my best without annoying my friends. In the end, I didn’t really like most of the photo settings and/or compositions- for example this one of my friend- and tried editing a few with the magic of Photoshop (or witchcraft, however you look at it).


As you can see we had placed all of our goodies on the bench next to her and she became too cluttered, just another beach goer with no defining aesthetic. So with a some crude editing….


She becomes simplified and mysterious in her pensive pose: Who is she? Are those her belongings? Is she waiting for someone?
The stained and worn brick wall as a natural backdrop with a glimpse of the blue sky behind. She is separated from the clutter so that she may be recognized for her beach chic attire and nonchalant manner. – Who would really know that she hates having pictures taken and I stole this snapshot while she adjusted her hat?

Please let me know what you think of the photo and my modifications in aesthetic and technique!

love, Gabryelle